Better Blog Posts – Faster!

better blog post fast cover imageAlrighty!

There’s only so much time in the day and there’s only so many blog posts you can write… or so people will tell you. But not me.

Writing is a discipline. If you want big muscles you work out every day… if you want to write better blog posts (fast) then you should write every day.

“I only write when I’m inspired, and I make sure
I’m inspired every morning at 9 a.m.”
Peter DeVries

It works, I tell you this from experience.

You’re reading this because you want better blog posts and you want them faster.

This toolkit contains just what you need.

  •  21 ideas for writing your blog posts fast
  •  A calendar
  •  A fab checklist
  •  A resources sheet filled with free tools or tools with free trials
  •  A template guide (11 pages in total)
  •  A Worksheet for writing Better Blog Posts Fast

Here’s how it works.

You purchase the Better Blog Posts Fast Toolkit.

You print off the pages and organise them with the worksheet on the top.

You take the worksheet and complete it as best as you can. Then you read the template guide.

Stick the calendar to the wall above your desk and complete the last section after studying the calendar intensely.

Print another copy of the worksheet, complete it again.

Compare to first worksheet and see how much you have learned, how many ideas you’ve generated and create your to-do list with joy in your heart – writing blog posts is now much easier :)

Save your 21 ideas sheets and checklist for when you are struggling, they’ll help keep you on track and motivated.

Better Blog Posts - Fast!

Additional information:

Okay you may be wondering exactly how good our info is… and that’s not unreasonable. I’m the creator of Birds on the Blog, a top 100 website for women (listed 3 times). I blog over at and I’m the blog coach to Lilach Bullock, social media marketer, Warren Cass, entrepreneur and many other smart but busy business people. They have no time to blog yet they do, and they win clients through blogging.

I’m the author of around ten social media guides and I write a huge amount of content for other bloggers. In short, this kit is what I use and I use with my clients. I can’t promise you that you’ll get exceptional results, but I can promise you that if you you use every day you will get better and write faster blog posts.

Better Blog Posts - Fast!

Social Media – This week on the web

A diverse set of posts that will help you get a broader understanding of social media marketing and how it works. Happy reading :)

The event was an opportunity to highlight not only F1, the U.S. Grand Prix, and the Circuit of the Americas, but also Austin itself. What followed was a tightly orchestrated and superbly executed event. The entire event played out globally, not only on major broadcast media but on the social web. Nearly every fan had some sort of Internet-connected device. That meant that everything that happened – from the original announcement of the plans to the inaugural race – would be shared widely. Social Media Marketing at 200mph

If you can identify what has worked for one community in another sector, it will probably work for yours too. Borrowing ideas from other communities

Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban hit the news over the weekend with a complaint that the new EdgeRank algorithm on Facebook has meant he can’t communicate to all of the people that follow his Pages. Now it’s up for debate whether fans want to read all of the things he has shared, but nevertheless it has caused quite a bit of debate in the industry. Four Factors behind Edge rank

It’s not a game plan, it’s an attitude.

With the social landscape feeling more like a tilt-a-whirl than solid ground, it’s far better for a non-profit to adopt a social media philosophy than a strategy. A philosophy is flexible enough to withstand changes as mediums morph and new contenders appear. So here are some digital proverbs to live by that will work across all social media. Forget strategy, develop a social media philosophy

More and more people are joining social networks on a daily basis and employers believe these networks are a source of information about their employees. In this post I’ll share some thoughts I have about ways employees may be able to protect their privacy and the private information they post online and in social media. Social Media and Employee Rights

Blogging is difficult work. Creating content that resonates and gains traction on the web today is even harder. 2 million blog posts are published every 24 hours, so standing out takes more than just showing up to publish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You’ve got to create great content, because no one has room in their RSS feed for mediocre. Stupid titles and lame topics don’t make great content

Since we launched Twitter Ads for small business in February, thousands of U.S. business owners have used Twitter advertising to quickly gain new followers, reach new customers and drive more traffic. In support of the Shop Small initiative and Small Business Saturday (#SmallBizSat) this weekend, we are giving away up to $1 million in free advertising credits to new advertisers. The first 10,000 eligible small business advertisers based in the U.S. will receive $100 in free Twitter advertising credits that can be used for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. $1,000,000 Twitter advertising credits

The company is calling the calendar “30 Days of Pinspiration,” driving home its efforts to differentiate itself from other social networks through its focus on inspirational, rather than informational, content.

Each day, Pinterest will unveil a board belonging to a celebrity, brand or nonprofit that focuses on inspiration.
Pinterest rolls out holiday themed boards

Foursquare bulked up the guide for small businesses it offers on its website last night, and in an update to its iPhone app today, will now allow users looking of nearby businesses to identify “Recently Opened” venues.

The “Recently Opened” filter under the under the Explore tab will help users in cities such as San Francisco that are being transformed by the tech industry to keep up with all of the new businesses opening. FourSquare updates local business guide

It’s far too often that brands conduct “mommy blogger” outreach poorly. The first glaring problem is that the term “mommy blogger” is not only a vast generalization, but inaccurate as well and ultimately is at the crux of why targeting the “mommy blogger” is a broken outreach model. The women who comprise this group have built platforms and communities from the ground-up; they are experts in their fields and rightfully respected. So let’s call these content creators what they really are – parenting and lifestyle influencers. Mommy Blogger outreach pitfalls.

Facebook began rolling out a conversion measurement tool on Friday to help marketers bridge the data gap between social ads and online sales.

David Baser, Facebook’s ads product manager, told Reuters the tool has been a highly requested feature for some time. “Measuring ad effectiveness and outcomes is absolutely crucial to all types of businesses and marketers,” he said. Facebook launches Conversion measurement tool

Storify is launching a redesigned website that puts search front and center.

The site — which allows you to create stories out of online content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram — already included a search feature, but now the small search box at the top right of the home page has been enlarged, so that it becomes the obvious way to navigate the site. The search results have been changed, too, so that each item is ranked, as Storify puts it, “based on the resonance each media item has on our platform,” and so that the media elements of search result (photos, videos, and quotes) are displayed in a tile-based layout. Storify Redesign

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Marketing Toolkit for Pinners

Want to make more money from Pinterest? And why not? Pinterest users spend an average of 16 minutes on the site, per visit. Let’s compare that to Facebook (established since 2006) where the average U.S user spends 20 minutes 46 seconds per day. Pinterest users are known to visit the site several times a day.

  • 50% of Pinterest users have children
  • Almost 70% of Pinterest users are female
  • 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women!
If you are male and reading this and shaking your head at the same time, I’d like you  to have a little think… women may not be your ideal customer, but they influence your ideal customer. What was the last thing you purchased without the influence of the women in your life? Your socks? Your underwear? If you write-off Pinterest as your ideal customer is male, then to put it simply – you deserve to miss out on all the exposure and increased sales that marketing to women brings.
  •  28% of users are between the ages of 35-44
  • 27% are between 25-34

If your ideal customer is of a certain age, Pinterest maybe the social platform to use. 59% of Pinterest users have purchased an item they’ve seen on the site, 33% of Facebook users have purchased an item they saw on their news feed or a friend’s wall. If you want to increase sales, where should you promote your items? The answer is always – where your ideal customer is. If your ideal customer is on Facebook, interacting with pages and chatting in groups, that’s where you should be. And if she’s pinning and sharing fabulous products you should be there becoming friends with her.

Spend your time creating your boards and optimizing your pins, and expanding your reach rather than sharing sexy images on your Facebook page. Time is a precious resource, spend it where you will make the most sales.

28.1% of Pinterest users have an annual household income of $100k. Perfect for those selling items at the upper end of the market. The site has grown from 10 million total visits to 17 million since start of 2012. If you are not Pinning you are missing out on some serious traffic to your website and brilliant relationships with other Pinners and potential customers.

The Small Biz Marketing Kit for Pinners

When we create an ebook we like to add checklists and other tools to help you get the most from the guide, after all what good is knowledge if it’s not put into action?

The Small Biz Marketing Kit for Pinners is different, there is no ebook, but there is a guide instead that shows you how to plan your campaign. The chances are if you are reading this post you are already on Pinterest and are looking to get more from it, you don’t need an ebook, but you’d like the toolkit to help you laser focus and get great results.

The Small Biz Marketing Kit for Pinners contains

  • A 2-part Pinterest marketing worksheet – helping you target the right customer with the right content
  • Brainstorming worksheet – overcome the inertia of what should I pin
  • One of my fab checklists – print and keep beside your PC
  • A sheet of useful resources
  • An 11 page guide showing you how to pull it altogether
  • A 2 week Pinterest campaign calendar – guiding you what to do each day of your marketing campaign

Social Media Marketing kit for Pinners

Creating great looking ebooks

Bookmark  this page, as we’ll update it often with the fabulous tools that we find for creating ebooks.

ebook cover maker

  Ebook Covers.

There are several places you can go for ebook covers. You can get a pretty good cover on and it costs exactly a Fiver :)

Of course, you’ll check the feedback of the ebook cover creator and that the seller is capable of the design that you require. Simple and effective works best – we still just a book by it’s cover.

Our preferred tool for ebook covers is MyECoverMaker. For $14.99 / £10 a month you can make as many ebook covers as you like, along with DVD covers and membership site cards and headers. Making your ebook cover is quick and simple, within minutes you can create an excellent cover, matching banners and anything else you need to promote your ebook. There is a wide range of backgrounds / stock imagery that you can use or you can upload your own images.

This is an excellent tool and we highly recommend it. There’s a limited free option as well, so check it out and see what you can do.

Sexy looking ebooks and reports

Ebook Report designer

If you’ve bought any of our guides or grabbed your free copy of Successful Business Blogging, then you’ll know how great ebooks and free/special reports can look.

Again there is a fast way to create the ebooks and make them look great, and that’s using Product Creator Pro. If you don’t create a lot of infomation products or special reports then grab a copy of Zero to Ebook, where we detail how to make your ebooks look terrific using Word. But if you are creating 2 or more a month, then you need Product Creator Pro.

It also makes converting your ebook to Kindle so easy it’s unreal. If you have several ebooks and you want to add them to Kindle then this is the perfect tool for you. It’s not too expensive at £30/$49 a month and it’s an exceptional time saver.  Again there’s a free option, go and check it out – try before you buy.

Of course if you have yet to write that ebook you can start with Zero to Ebook.

Zero to Ebook is my best selling ebook of all time. Simply take a look at the sales page here and see if your questions surrounding ebooks are answered, if so then buy a copy quick.

Looking to make money your ebook? Share this post and grab our free guide – 20 ways to make money with your ebook.